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National Honor Society For Dance Arts


National Honor Society For Dance Arts


National Honor Society For Dance Arts


National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA)

The primary mission of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) is to promote and honor outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students 11 years of age and older studying dance in public and private schools, dance studios, cultural/community centers, performing arts organizations and post-secondary education. Establishing and maintaining a chapter gives schools a means to recognize dance as an art form worthy of recognition and respect. Further, NHSDA hopes to encourage well-rounded dance artists to become leaders in their communities before and after graduation.

How is NHSDA Awarded?
All Chapter Applications and Student Applications are awarded through NDEO/NHSDA.

In order to start a chapter in your school you must have an institutional membership in the National Dance Education Organization, which includes membership to the Florida Dance Education Organization.

Student membership in the National Honor Society for Dance Arts is awarded based on points earned for meritorious work in dance that meet the honor society’s general guidelines and, when appropriate, grade point average. In addition, the prospective member’s dedication to collaborative teamwork, motivation, and participation in the many aspects of dance is a factor in determination of eligibility. Students re-apply for each of three levels: middle school/ high school/ collegiate. See Chapter Handbooks for guidelines.

Student members at each level will be verified to meet eligibility requirements by their chapter sponsor then pay membership dues of $8. All student members will receive a certificate of membership, participate in activities with their chapter, and can participate in special events sponsored by the Florida Dance Education Organization while high school seniors are able to wear a NHSDA honor cord and gold pin for graduation. Members may also purchase and wear the NHSDA Florida t-shirt and be recognized in all their school publications for their membership in the organization, Footnotes, and can submit articles for publication in Dance Arts Now!


  1. Chapter Application Form / NHSDA Web page
  2. Chapter Handbook Junior / Secondary / Collegiate
  3. Student Application Form
  4. Chapter Tapping Ceremony

    Chapter Sponsors are invited to send articles to FootNotes at

    NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award

    Click here for more information on Awards and Scholarships

    All junior and senior high school NHSDA members are eligible for nomination to receive this award. Dancers choreograph and record a solo, write essays, get recommendations, and submit their grade point average. Each state submits two high school students for consideration at the national level. Florida also recognizes students at the middle school level.

    NEW THIS YEAR- Applications received by November 27 will be eligible for extra incentives. The top scorers will earn awards at the state level and will be invited to perform in the Honor’s Concert in February. FDEO is securing scholarships for summer study, and all junior and seniors will already be in the pool for the NDEO award. High School applications received after that date are due by February 19 and will only be eligible for NDEO awards. All applicants will receive recognition in Footnotes, the Florida NHSDA newsletter.

    NHSDAFL Merit Scholarship 2021

    Click here for Application for the 2021 Florida Merit Scholarship

    FDEO is now taking applications for the National Honors Society for Dance Arts Florida Merit Scholarship. Middle school and high school applicants should be current NHSDA members within their institution. Dancers will need to complete the following items that will be due by Monday, March 1st -SOLO WORK -TEACHER RECOMMENDATION -RESUME -PERSONAL ESSAY In depth information for each of these items can be found on the application. Please email Lauren Gomez at With any questions.

    For more information, E-Mail: Please include school name topic in the subject line.

    T-SHIRTS FORT 2020



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